Will Levy Marathon attempt for MIND

Run like the wind

Richard Foulkes £100, Andrew Pearson £15, Robert Hennessy £20, Justin Jones £10, Tim Povey £15, Dominic Luterbacher £26, Helen Komrower £50, Geoffrey Levy £120, Kate Levy, Hillie Levy, Ludwig Von Sembach, Nick Preston £50, Andrew Barr, Adam Crawford £20, Peter Charlton £100, Doris Levy £20, Toby Pearce £50, Tom Holland £20, Victoria Rennie, Adam & Helen Komrower £50, Nick Johnson £20, Alison Foulkes £26, Graeme Futter, Antonia & Doni Charlton, Russell Scrase £50, Jeremy Steer, Felicity O'Rourke £20, Nigel Randall £10, .

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A true athlete successfully coordinates his race outfits.


On the 1st November training started with my first 5k run in over a year. I was beaten by nearly 400 people, some in fancy dress and some that were so young they had to stop for nappy changes.

I was lucky enough to win a place with Mind, the leading mental health charity and will be running in the memory of my brother. Tom would have benefited from the fantastic support that Mind provides.

1 in 4 people experience mental distress in their life time and in my experience current National Health services are wholly inadequate, especially for younger people.

Your sponsorship will help to make a real difference. Just £100 will provide resources for up to 1000 people. So please please give generously…even you poor bankers!


My double dislocated my finger:-

Click on the Statistics tab to see the incriminating run on 7/1/2009 and see if you can spot

a) where I was attacked by a stag,

b) where I fell over and

c) how far I had to run to get help.

My friends from Bushy Park.. They’re much more scary at night:-


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KM run since Start of Training:


Waist Size at Start of Training:


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Still 36" !!!

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Marathon Date:

26th April 2009